Membership & Funding

The AAIR Lab, India supports to the newcomers/ members by providing the Sponsorships, funding for the publications & projects, and etc. so that they can enhance the qualitative research works. 

1. Professional Membership:  

A. Membership benefits
    •   Increasing recognition and reinforced credibility within your profession.
    •   A chance to share your perspective and make a difference; Get involved in the work that matters to your profession.
    •   Access to a larger community of related professionals and more opportunities to connect with colleagues around the world.
    •   A platform on which your/your organization’s innovative developments can be presented at our meetings.
    •   Access to the latest development in the fields of information and engineering technology.
    •   Registration discounts for AAIR Lab conferences/ seminars and involvement in our education and award programs.
    •   Build your knowledge and keep it updated. 
    •   Free access to soft copies of papers published in the past issues of open-access journals owned by AAIR Lab.
    •   Be candidate for AAIR Lab reviewer and other professional position.
    •   To get the sponsorships, funding for the publications & projects, and etc. 
B. Membership fee
The fee is Rs. 2,000 or 50 USD charged (excluding the bank transaction charges) at present for joining AAIR Lab. We welcome any individual professional, researcher, student, professor, etc. who is interested in the activities held by AAIR Lab and its publications.
    The following are the bank account details to pay the Membership fee-
        Account Name- Advanced and Innovative Research Laboratory
        Account Number- 27940210001370
        Bank Name- UCO Bank, Nathanpur, Dehradun, India
        IFSC Code- UCBA0002794
        SWIFT Code- UCBAINBB240
C. How to become a professional member
Step 1: Download membership form (click here)fill up it.
Step 2: Send the filled membership form to info@aairlab.cominfo.aairlab@gmail.comtogether with latest CV and the payment slip with the bank transaction id.
D. Funding Rules-
The Professional Members can get the funding based on the following criteria decided by the Administrators of AAIR Lab.   


Maximum Funding Amounts

Minimum number of Professional Members must be recommended by the funding persons


Upto Rs. 5,000 or 100 USD                                   



Upto Rs. 10,000 or 200 USD                                 



Upto Rs. 50,000 or 1,000 USD                               



Upto Rs. 1,00,000 or 2,000 USD                          



Upto Rs. 2,00,000 or 4,000 USD                          


Note- Each Professional member has to recommend the desired number of persons (to become professional members of the AAIR Lab) as mentioned in the above table in order to get the mentioned funding amounts against the no. of persons. The above funding scheme is valid from January 2024- December 2024. Also, regarding any matter, the Administration of AAIR Lab can take the decision at any point of time.

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